Our Staff

Greetings from the Space Coast Dive Center Staff

We are here to serve all of your SCUBA needs no matter how small or complex the request. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff have a diverse range of skills and teaching abilities, allowing us to provide each of our students with a high-quality experience.

We are Brevard Counties premiere SCUBA travel agency. No matter how far, if its diveable we will make our way to it. Currently providing between 3 & 4 international trips per year, please see our Travel page for more information on upcoming trips.

Meet Our Instructors

James Stackhouse

James started diving in 2008 so he could do some diving excursions on a cruise with his family. His love for SCUBA quickly grew into an obsession and James began his journey into the world of the professional dive instructor. James our lead SCUBA instructor and can often be found teaching evening classes or splashing in the pool with students. Because of his busy course schedule James is like a Yeti, cool but often elusive. If you want the best SCUBA instruction in Brevard County, look no further, you have found it. James’ devotion to ISO standards & focus on safe SCUBA methods provides his students with a unique & positive experience that is unrivaled in our community.

James’ Favorite Courses:

  • Open Water Diver
  • Full Face Mask Diver
  • SSI Stress & Rescue
  • DPV Diver
  • Wreck Diver
  • Divemaster

Ashley McClenny

When Ashley is not spending her time glued to her camera rig, she can be found teaching our Private Open Water students and Advanced Adventurer classes. Ashley loves the 1:1 or 1:2 teaching experience that allows her to dedicate herself to one or two divers. Her motto is: If it isn’t fun, it isn’t worth doing. This is evident in her teaching style, which puts safety first but also allows for a large dose of comedy. Ashley spends several days a week in the shop, assisting customers with a variety of SCUBA related needs. Ashley leads our extensive travel program, negotiating the best prices on exotic destinations, and wants to know where YOU want to visit.

Ashley’s Favorite Courses:

  • Private Open Water Diver
  • Underwater Photographer
  • SSI Stress & Rescue
  • Any Ecology Specialty
  • SSI Advanced Aventurer

Wes Stonehocker

Wes comes to Space Coast Dive Center as an accomplished instructor with experience in Cavern & Cave diving, as well as SSI’s Extended Range (XR) program. He is one of our core Open Water instructors, but also teaches our Advanced Wreck Diver & Cavern Diver courses; providing his students with the knowledge, skills, experience, and confidence to safely navigate these enclosed environments. Wes is active in the Florida diving community. He donates his time and skills to several nonprofit organizations focused on adaptive scuba diving techniques and allowing disable veterans the opportunity to become certified.

Meet Our Shop Staff

Surface Support

Every dive operation relies on the skills of their surface staff to help keep everything running smoothly. While James and Ashley are busy teaching, organizing classes, and leading international trips; our shop staff are the heart of the operation. Next time you stop by give a big thank you to CJ, Lori, and Sharon.


By keeping our compressors and NITROX membrane maintained, air tested, and gear serviced, CJ allows us to provide our clientele with the highest quality tank fills and quick service turn-around times. He is a stickler for keeping records and sticking to a service schedule. A straight-shooter, you won’t get any BS from CJ.


Heading up our retail front, Lori brings over 30 years of retail management experience to our organization. She is detail oriented and dedicated to providing our customers with the best experience possible. If Lori doesn’t have the answer, we can bet she knows how to find it! Lori has been a diver for many years and enjoys the warm waters of Florida and the Carribean.


There couldn’t be a more positive and smiling face in the world. Sharon is a customer favorite and has her own cult following. You can find Sharon at the shop several days a week, providing our students and customers with the best service possible.

Core Values


We are a community focused organization. Our internal community allows us to serve our external community. We share experiences, difficulties, and victories openly and with enthusiasm. We are a safe space to work and shop for all age groups and nationalities.


We share a common love of the underwater world and that love drives our commitment to conservation. We will do everything that we can to ensure that we are impacting our environment as little as possible. Every little change makes a huge difference.


Through education we allow our community to grow and develop into safer and more conscious divers. We believe that you should never stop learning and should always strive to learn new skills from professionals. We will provide programs that will allow our community to expand their diving skills in a safe and inclusive environment.


Exploring the underwater world should not be limited to your immediate location. We will provide our community with opportunities to safely explore the planet together.