In this series of articles, I will help guide you through surviving your first liveaboard diving trip. I will cover important topics such as: what to bring with you, traveling solo VS traveling with a group, and how to survive once you are onboard. Keep reading for some great tips!

Master buoyancy like a pro

Buoyancy is the one magical skill that makes everything easier underwater. Fancy consuming less air? Do you want longer dives? Ever dream of bringing back significantly better underwater pictures or videos? It all starts with buoyancy.

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I know what you are thinking... have I gone insane?
Truthfully? Probably, but that has nothing to do with traveling with my kids.

Now, I'm not trying to convince you to bring your 5-year-old on a 2 weeklong international dive trip. We want you...

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Do you have a picky diver in your life? Or maybe someone that is IMPOSSIBLE to find gifts for because they already have everything? So do we.... ahem... James... We've compiled a list of great gifts for that special diver in your life:

1. Mask &...

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Not Just for Divers!

So, you are in the market for a new diving computer and want to ensure that you are spending your hard-earned money on the best piece of equipment you can afford. Some divers are happy with a basic fully functioning non-air integrated...

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Only two years late... but better than ever!

It has nearly been a week since we returned from our yearly... or should I say, yearly before the pandemic.... trip to Grand Cayman. It was lovely to be greeted by the lapping seas & smiling faces...

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