Capture the Underwater World!

During the PADI® Digital Underwater Photographer course, you’ll learn how to take underwater photos you’ll be proud to share with others.

Avoid beginner mistakes and shorten the learning curve with tips from the pros. Learn how to use underwater photography lights (strobes), avoid backscatter and enhance color.

You could spend hours learning underwater photography through trial and error, or you can take a shortcut. Learn professional tricks and tips for taking great photos underwater and the best way to capture video while scuba diving with a GoPro (or other action camera).

What you can expect to learn

  • Use underwater strobes
  • Photograph marine life
  • Choose photo equipment
  • Reduce backscatter
  • Use your action camera underwater

Course Equipment Requirements

Beyond basic scuba equipment, you’ll need a digital underwater camera and a computer or other device for downloading and viewing your images. Your PADI Pro may suggest additional equipment and accessories depending on your camera system.

Course Prerequisites

Age requirement: 

10 years or older

Course Prerequisite:

(Jr.) Open Water Diver or equivalent entry-level certification

How do I get Started?

During two dives you’ll get hands-on experience taking photos with a compact camera or action camera (use your own or ask about rental). You’ll use the SEA (Shoot, Examine, Adjust) method for getting great shots.

What’s Included?

You may rent the photography equipment from the dive shop. The course price with the rental is $350.00.

How long will this take?

Entire course: 2 days

How much is the course?


Want to know more?

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