Grand Cayman Trip Report – September 2022

Only two years late… but better than ever!

It has nearly been a week since we returned from our yearly… or should I say, yearly before the pandemic…. trip to Grand Cayman. It was lovely to be greeted by the lapping seas & smiling faces of the island after nearly three years away. This trip was smaller than some of the other visits we’ve made to the island, but we made the best of an amazing opportunity to dive and relax in one of the most beautiful corners of the Caribbean. The good news… The Cayman Islands are now completely open to all travelers! We will be traveling to the island again next September.

We elected to stay with Sunset House in Georgetown again this year. As always, they provided top notch service from the start. At check-in they upgraded the entire group to Ocean Front rooms! I don’t think anyone was going to argue with that! Our luggage was carefully transported to each accommodation and brought inside for us… talk about first class service. The rooms had recently been beautifully renovated, including new King size beds, wood-look tile floors, new bathrooms, and brand new mini-split AC units that blew COLD as ice air. The balconies overlooked the salt-water training pool and moored dive boats and were the setting for some of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen. (No wonder they call it Sunset House…)

The resort has two dining choices to choose from: My Bar & Sea Harvest. Both offer full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus, including a generous selection of Indian cuisine. We ate breakfast and dinner at Sea Harvest, which offers both indoor and oceanside seating. Coffee in the morning was plentiful. My Bar provided the group with a delicious selection of lunch items (the chicken quesadillas quickly became a favorite) you could dine on between the morning boat dives and the afternoon shore dives, plus they let you in sopping wet. Dinners are Sea Harvest consisted of a three-course meal selection, with a bowl of soup or salad, a main course (selecting from three each evening), and a desert. The chocolate ice-cream was AMAZING! Each restaurant had a wide variety of both vegetarian and vegan friendly options.

Now for the important part… the diving! Anyone who has been to the Cayman Islands before knows just how lovely the diving actually is. A good portion of our group were cold water divers in previous lives and said that this was some of the easiest diving they had ever done. Grand Cayman offers a little bit of everything, suiting all diving capabilities and preferences. Some of the sites we visited were, Spot’s Reef, Pedro’s Castle, The Kittiwake, Tarpon Alley, Princess Penny’s Pinnacle, and La Mesa; to name just a few. We spent time diving walls, sand flats, reefs, and complex mazes of swim-throughs. The house reef provided each diver the opportunity to spend time learning the area and the resident fishes, including one of the biggest Hogfish I have ever seen. The house reef also provides a safe location to hone your underwater videography and photography skills without having to feel pressured to keep up with the group.

The weather was amazing and behaved itself for us. Each day we had light rains in the afternoon, followed by a beautiful sunset and lovely morning conditions. The seas were rarely above 1 ft, with Thursday being the best day. The image below is not edited in any way, yes, the ocean was that flat. We had a light breeze in the afternoons which helped cool the air and keep the humidity down.

Average Water Temp: 88F
Average Air Temp: 89F
What Ashley was diving with: BCD – Aqualung Rogue :: Regulator – Apex XL4 OCEA (teal) :: Mask – Apex VX1 with UV :: Fins – Apex RK3 (pink) :: Computer – Aqualung i770R & Garmin MK2i
Ashley’s Camera Rig: Nikon Z50 with 14-30mm Z mount wide angle & 105mm Z mount macro, in an Ikelite housing, & two Ikelite DS160 strobes with dome diffusers.

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