Great Gifts for Divers

Do you have a picky diver in your life? Or maybe someone that is IMPOSSIBLE to find gifts for because they already have everything? So do we…. ahem… James… We’ve compiled a list of great gifts for that special diver in your life:

1. Mask & Snorkel Set with Defog

As our window to the underwater world, a mask is one of the most important parts of a diver’s kit. It’s often among the first pieces of equipment that a diver buys since an entry-level mask is affordable and easy to store. Pairing the mask with a snorkel and defog (a cleaning product that keeps the mask clear) makes it a complete set—and gets them ready to snorkel during surface intervals!

Our staff recommends the Tusa Intega SCUBA Mask. This mask was designed with a very soft and flexible silicone skirt, allowing it to fit a wide variety of face shapes and structures. It has large lenses (that can be swapped out for prescription lenses if your diver wears glasses) that allow a wide view of the underwater world. The strap is comprised of a special silicone similar to the shirt, but with more structure, making it soft enough to wear over long hair and not pull when your diver is removing it after getting back on the boat. At $110 this mask is a great value for the quality of product that your diver will be receiving.

Tusa Intega mask in Ocean Green & Black

2. Tank Fill Cards

This really is the gift that keeps on giving. Unless your diver has gills, they are going to need some kind of breathing gas to enjoy the underwater world. Our air & Nitrox fill cards will allow the diver with their own tank to enjoy the benefits of reduced price fills over a long period of time. All of our fill cards are stored in our computer system, so no need to remember to bring a piece of paper or card with you, we got your diver covered.

Does your diver not have a tank? We have those too! Nothing says Merry Christmas and Happy Diving like an aluminum or steel SCUBA tank. We keep several sizes and varieties in stock at the shop. Stop by today and chat with us about the benefits of owning your own SCUBA tank.

3. Specialty Courses

Help your diver unlock future adventures with a Specialty Diver course focused on their interests. Our instructors teach a wide variety of Specialty Diving courses. Whether your diver has an interest in learning how to safely navigate sunken ships (Wreck Diver), finding treasure (Search & Recovery), or would like to expand their knowledge of marine life (Ecology); we have the class for them. You can find a list of Specialty Courses we teach by clicking this link: Specialty Course Catalog

4. Gift Cards

Maybe you have a diver that is truly impossible to shop for… ahem… James… Our beautiful gift cards are just the thing for you! These can be used for any product or service in our store! Help your diver see even more of the underwater world by giving the gift of exploration! We sell gift cards that will bring the dive of their dreams one step closer—and serve as proof that the best things come in small boxes.

5. Travel

Help your diver see even more of the underwater world by giving the gift of exploration! Did you know that we have an amazing global travel program? Why limit yourself and your diver to our local waters? Take them on an adventure for Christmas! We are willing to dive anywhere in the world, so if you don’t see somewhere you would love to travel to on our travel page, give Ashley a call and let her know! And, most of our trips only require a $500 deposit to book and reserve your spot. One could argue that this would be the greatest gift of all, the gift of adventure, exploration, and connection with one another and a great community of divers from around the world.

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