New Year… New You… New Resolutions That Stick

Master buoyancy like a pro

Buoyancy is the one magical skill that makes everything easier underwater. Fancy consuming less air? Do you want longer dives? Ever dream of bringing back significantly better underwater pictures or videos? It all starts with buoyancy.

Ask your favorite diving instructor honest feedback about your buoyancy after each dive. Taking the time to work on that essential skill can take you a long way. We recommend taking one of our Buoyancy Specialty courses, taught by your favorite buoyancy Zen Masters. Your instructor will guide you through specially designed exercises, giving you a better understanding of the secrets behind buoyancy and allowing you to begin developing excellent buoyancy habits. 

Expand your diving horizons

The beauty of scuba diving is the almost infinite number of experiences you can have. From wreck diving to ice diving, trying something new is another opportunity to develop a better understanding of diving by looking at things from a different angle. Expanding your diving experiences through local diving and specialty courses. 

Have you ever wanted to try diving in a dry suit? We will be teaching this specialty on January 14th 2023 at Blue Grotto. James will be the instructor and has over 400 dives in a dry suit! If you’re dreaming of visiting Antartica or diving Iceland’s Silfa, you will need to hone your dry suit diving skills. 

Talking about travel… we’re heading to Roatan for Spring Break! Join us for a fun family friendly diving and adventure vacation. We will be staying at the Mayan Princess Beach & Dive Resort, a fun place for adults and kids! 

Embracing one more ocean-friendly habit

Achieving a waste-free eco-responsible lifestyle is easier said than done. It can feel overwhelming even for the most eco-conscious explorer. Don’t beat yourself up, to make new habits fully part of our daily routine takes time. 

If you need ideas, here a few simple ones to start with:

  • Complete your scuba diving gear with a mesh bag, so every dive becomes a clean-up dive.
  • Keep a reusable canvas shopping bag in your backpack or handbag.
  • Use an insulated tumbler to tackle those coffee cravings on the go.
  • Switch to a Henderson Greenprene wetsuit. This investment is made with 100% eco-friendly materials in a factory that is 100% petroleum free. They are soft, supple, and have amazing thermal properties. 
  • Try swapping your bottle of shampoo for solid shampoo. 
  • Invest in a UV protected rash guard for your next dive trip. We have options available from Space Fish Army & Mares. 
  • Use Stream 2 Sea sunscreen & body products. Not only are these products safe for the environment (including Corals!) they keep you safe from endocrine disrupting chemicals used in other brands of sunscreen. 

Pamper your scuba diving gear

We have a saying around the shop: If you take care of your gear, it will take care of you. Take advantage of the cooler Winter season and have your gear serviced. It can also be a fun way to stay in the scuba mood when you can’t go diving. 

  • Your regulator should be inspected every year and overhauled every other year. Don’t wait until the last minute, we usually have a 2-week turnaround on regulator overhauls during the Winter months. (It’s a popular service this time of year.)
  • Check if the battery of your dive computer needs to be changed. Some models allow the user to change the battery. Check your computer’s user manual or call us to confirm. We carry all battery models and O-rings in stock. 
  • Inspect your wetsuit thoroughly. A folded wetsuit can develop holes, which are easily fixed with AquaSeal. 
  • Check the Hydro & VIP dates on your tanks. We provide comprehensive services for all types of tanks. All Hydrostatic tests include; VIP, tank fill, & complete valve overhaul. Every VIP includes; tank fill, & valve inspection/lubrication. Keeping those valves in working order is just as important as keeping your regulator serviced.  

Replace aging SCUBA gear

Sometimes despite our best-efforts gear has gone beyond its useful years. Whether your BCD has been sitting in storage for a decade and the bladder has fused, or we can no longer get replacement parts for your regulator, it can be frustrating to try getting back into the sport and have to replace your kit. We understand those frustrations and can help. We have several options to help alleviate the upfront cost of purchasing a new set of gear:

  • Layaway! Yes, like K-Mart used to have! Our interest free Layaway program is the perfect way to spread out the cost of your kit over a few months. We can even send you reminders each month on your desired payment interval.  
  • Aqualung’s Free Parts for Life Program: Available on all Aqualung Regulators. By keeping your Regulator in warranty (ask us for more information on service intervals for each product) you qualify for service parts for the life of that regulator.
  • Consign your gently used gear with us. Help off-set the cost of a new set of gear by selling your old kit with us. 

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