Service Price
Aqualung Regulator Annual Inspection $40.00
Aqualung/ Mares Regulator Without Octo (Plus Parts) $55.00
Aqualung/ Mares Regulator With Octo (Plus Parts) $66.00
Non Aqualung/ Mares Regulators (Plus Parts) $88.00


Service Price
BCD Overhaul (Plus Parts) $27.50
BCD Overhaul with Inflator Reg (Plus Parts) $41.00


Service Price
Annual Visual Inspection (VIP) $15.00
Tank Hydro + VIP (Aluminum) $52.00
Tank Hydro + VIP (Steel) $58.00
Tank Nitrox/O2 Cleaning $45.00
Tank Valve Overhaul $36.00
Assemble/ Disassemble of Doubles $50.00

Battery & Rush Service

Service Price
Battery Change (Plus Battery) $27.50
Equipment Assembly
(Free when purchased in store)
Rush Service (48 Hours) $100.00
Front of the Line Fee $50.00

Service Information:

*The average service turnaround is 1 to 2 weeks. The volume of service requests may increase the time to complete the work.

*Due to supply chain issues currently affecting many industries, there may be delays in getting parts for your equipment. We will keep you informed about getting replacement gear and repair parts when they are backordered.

*All valves are inspected and lubricated during VIP process. If a valve is found to be non-serviceable it will be cleaned, and any parts needed for repair will be included in addition to the VIP charge.