Why You Should Travel with Your Kids

I know what you are thinking… have I gone insane?
Truthfully? Probably, but that has nothing to do with traveling with my kids.

Now, I’m not trying to convince you to bring your 5-year-old on a 2 weeklong international dive trip. We want you to actually enjoy your vacation, and the majority of 5-year-olds that I know are not ready for that kind of time away from home. Raise your hand if you’ve ever been on a cross Atlantic flight with a screaming toddler on board? ME TOO! We all know that it can be beyond the parent’s control, but man, that has to be one of the worst sounds on the planet (second only to any Brittney Spears song). I feel for any person who doesn’t have a great pair of noise cancelling headphones to block out the wails…

I’m talking about allowing your older kids the opportunity to see the World!
How many news articles do we see on a month basis with similar headlines:

  • Using cell phones and tablets before bed stops kids from sleeping and can lead to health issues
  • Cell phones are hurting our children
  • Wireless companies are making it easier for parents to give phones to their kids – and those kids are getting younger
  • How to manage your kids’ screen time on TVs, tablets, and phones over Christmas without causing a meltdown
  • When phones get in the way of connection

Yes, those are real headlines folks.

For years we have had facts drilled into our heads about the negative impacts cell phones and electronic devices are having on our children. But have we unplugged our next generation of leaders?

I know I’m guilty of letting my girls have far more screentime than they should. Our 7pm “No Electronics” time often turns into 7:30 or 8… because I haven’t figured out how to set that alarm on Alexa yet. While technology is amazing and has its place in the household (such as our Smart Home devices and the computer I’m using to write this post), scrolling through TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and News apps, can be damaging to adult brains, and even more damaging to the developing brains of our children.

I know what you are all thinking… “Can you stop preaching about cell phones and get to the point”…

So, how do we unplug our kids from the toxic cyber world? Just take the phone away, or better yet, take them somewhere their phones won’t work. Not talking about a fast-paced Disney vacation, which to be honest, will likely cost you way more than a week in Roatan. I’m talking about taking your kids on adventure filled vacations to destinations across the Globe. It has been proven that kids that experience different cultures end up developing into better leaders and more accepting of other individuals. I don’t know about you, but when these kids are running the World (which they will at some point), I would rather have a well-adjusted leader with world experience, than one who has been living in the Metaverse.

Did you also know that traveling with your children can also strengthen family bonds? You will develop shared memories and priceless experiences as you explore the wider world as a family. There are few things that are better than reminiscing on the stories of our travels together. When we unplug and spend quality time together something special happens… we become real to ourselves and our children.

Planning is half the fun! Get your children involved in the process. Get the excited about the upcoming trip and experiences. Research local sites that they want to visit, plan a kids choice day where they get to decide what to visit. Pick activities out as a family (did you know that Roatan has a Sloth Sanctuary?)…. spark their imagination and start those creative juices flowing.

Our Top 5 Places to Travel with Your Kids

  1. “Local” International Options: Regardless of where you are in the World, there is another country close by. Do you live in Florida or the South? Visit the Bahamas or the Caribbean. Are you a PNW family? A short drive North or South will find you in British Columbia or Mexico. How about the East Coast? Did you know Canada has some amazing diving? While the Mid-West can be a bit more challenging to drive from, you benefit from being just a few hours via airplane from all of the options mentioned above. Even though kids often want to visit cool theme parks and exciting locations, sometimes being in nature is what they actually need above all else. There really is nothing like the sweet smell of a pine forest or the lapping of waves on a sandy beach to reset their souls.
  2. Liveaboard Diving Trips: Really want those kids to unplug and have no other option but to spend time in nature? Take them on a liveaboard! What’s a liveaboard you ask? Picture a mini cruise ship, but without the casino, 5,000 other passengers, arcade, waterslide, or just about anything that screams ENTERTAINMENT! Many of our liveaboard partners offer great diving destinations for children, shorter itineraries, and bunk rooms that can accommodate up to 4 people. So, spend time diving sites only accessible by boat, in locations without cell service. Your child will come home with some of the most amazing experiences and a lifetime of memories to share with friends & family.
  3. Land Based Diving Resorts: While many of these destinations have WiFi and cellular service, they can offer more in terms of non-diving activities than a liveaboard. Nearly every dive resort is located on or near a beach. God’s Pocket Resort in British Columbia is located on an isolated off-grid island, providing kids the unique opportunity to be so close to feeding Humpback Whales and Orcas that they will feel like they are in a National Geographic episode. Whether you take your child with us to Roatan, Grand Cayman, Egypt, The Philippines, or B.C. they will have experiences unlike any they will have at home.
  4. Local Diving: Can’t get away for a week or two? Need to unplug before your next long trip? No matter where you are in the world, there is somewhere you can dive near your home. Whether that place is a local lake or off of a boat, neither you nor your child will regret spending the diving. Kids often see things adults can easily overlook, pointing out amazing creatures and treasures. My daughter once brought home an antique Coca-Cola bottle and found a huge fishing gaff! While waking up early is not usually on our kids list of top things they love to do, the benefits of spending the day together will outweigh the grumpy looks and early morning sneers. As always, if you haven’t visited a local site yet, check with your local dive shop for a map or hire a guide to show you around.
  5. International Destinations: We understand that not every family member may be into diving, or perhaps they physically can’t participate in the sport. No worries! We love exploring the dry parts of the world as much as the wet! While our primary focus is on dive travel, we believe that you should provide your children with a well-rounded experience, this includes visiting historical sites and touring the countryside. Take our Red Sea trip for example: your child will learn about ancient Egyptian culture while cruising down the Nile River, and then experience modern Cairo and Alexandria for three days. There is a whole lot of planet Earth to discover.

So… break out that globe… give it a spin… and put your finger on your next destination.

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